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From    ¥12 000

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Activity Type

Activity Level

Time of Day

Approx 6 Hours

Walking Tour

Leisurely Walking

Morning 9:00 a.m Departure



Explore Arashiyama
like if it is your only chance

Arashiyama is one of the most famous areas in Japan, but it is quite big so we tried our very best to regroup everything we consider important and relevant in the exploration of that wonderful and beautiful place, so you get the best out of the tour, even on foot.

Explore the bamboo grove and reach the top of Arashiyama park for an amazing observation spot of the area. Take your time to enjoy the private Okochi Sanso garden, sit and take a deep breath, with an authentic Japanese sweet and a cup of green tea. Explore one of the most famous Zen Buddhist temples in the country, indoors and outdoors, and admire the Koi fish in the pond. Enjoy nature around you and learn more about the place. Besides the bamboo grove, this is probably the second most popular spot for a picture with the Katsura river, and the majestic view of the iconic "Togetsukyo" bridge. Hike up the hill and explore the monkey park. That place is especially thrilling for families and kids. Stop at every single shop you want to discover that old-fashion shopping street in Arashiyama, and ask your guide to assist you with anything in that last part of the tour with free-time shopping.

We Guarantee

Knowledgeable & Bilingual

local Guides

24 Hours Free Cancellation

Your Satisfaction

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Tour Highlights :

  • Arashiyama Bamboo Grove​​

  • Arashiyama Park & Observatory

  • Okochi Sanso Garden with Tea & Sweet

  • Tenryuji Temple - Indoors & outdoors

  • Togetsukyo Bridge

  • Arashiyama Monkey Park

  • Free-Time Shopping & Guide Assistance

What you need to know before booking

It Includes



  • ​Bilingual Guide

  • Okochi Sanso with Tea and Sweet

  • Tenryuji Temple​ Entrance Fee

  • Monkey Park Entrance Fee

  • Free Time at the Shopping Street

  • Souvenir Pictures to Download



¥12 000

¥  9 000

Lunch budget not included.

You will have about one hour of free time inside the shopping street area, to explore it freely on your own, and go anywhere you want for a late lunch. Your Guide will be waiting for you at a specific spot, and will always be available to help you in case you need it.

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Private Tour
up to 6 guests

Extra Guest

¥75 000

¥12 000


Travelers Gallery

Meeting Location

- 8:45 MEETING


You will meet Your Guide in front of the "Kyoto Avanti" building, located just south of Kyoto station, in front of the main entrance. The complete experience can be done using only the JR lines, so transportation will require no extra if you have the JR Pass.

Please check the map on the right to make sure you find the meeting location.

Thanks for joining us.
Welcome to Kyoto, everyone!

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