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From    ¥10 000

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Sake, Food and History, Fushimi District


Activity Type

Activity Level

Time of Day

Approx 6 Hours

Walking Tour

Leisurely Walking

Morning 9:30 p.m Departure

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Shrine, Sake, Food and History,
Explore Fushimi District

This tour includes the famous "Fushimi Inari" shrine and its thousand gates, but it is just a warm-up for the real experience.


Enjoy your traditional "Taiyaki", a Fish shaped hot waffle filled up with red bean paste or custard cream, while learning about the area and what makes it so special. Visit the old Sake brewery of Gekkeikan, and explore the Sake culture with the very first brewery to export Japanese alcohol overseas. Walk by the Canal of Fushimi, an amazing spot to enjoy the outdoors, the cherry blossom, and the beauty of a very traditional district of Kyoto. Listen to your guide, telling you the story of one of the most significant battles in Japanese history, that led to the beginning of the Meiji restoration. Visit Teradaya Inn, and discover the story of Sakamoto Ryoma, one of the most important and respected historical people in Japanese history, and how he nearly got assassinated in his room by the Shinsengumi, and could barely escape. Explore the "Ryoma" Shopping Street, the equivalence of the "Nishiki Market", but which did not lose its authenticity and tradition, to make it a much more memorable Food, Drink, and Shopping experience in Kyoto. Before finishing the tour, we will go for one last stop and have traditional Japanese sweets, after the Sake brewery, relax and talk about what has been done during the tour. This will be the perfect time to get a coffee, and we take you back to Kyoto Station.

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Tour Highlights :

  • Fushimi Inari Shrine​​

  • Taiyaki Street Food

  • Fushimi Canal & Battle Story

  • Teradaya Inn & Sakamoto Ryoma

  • Ryoma Shopping Street for Food & Drinks

  • Gekkeikan Distillery

  • Japanese sweets

What you need to know before booking

It Includes


  • Bilingual Guide

  • One Taiyaki

  • Entrance Fees

     (for both Gekkeikan & Teradaya)

  • Free Time at the Shopping Street

  • 2 Sweets included for each guest



¥10 000

¥  8 000


Private Tour
up to 6 guests

Extra Guest

¥65 000

¥10 000


Lunch budget not included.

You will have about one hour of free time inside the shopping street area, to explore it freely on your own, and go anywhere you want for a late lunch. Your Guide will be waiting for you at a specific spot, and will always be available to help you in case you need assistance.

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Meeting Location

- 9:15 MEETING


You will meet Your Guide in front of the "Kyoto Avanti" building, located just south of Kyoto station, in front of the main entrance. The complete experience can be done using only the JR lines, so transportation will require no extra if you have the JR Pass.

Please check the map on the right to make sure you find the meeting location.

Thanks for joining us.
Welcome to Kyoto, everyone!

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