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Knife Factory, Crafts, and Sweets

Sakai City has been a very famous place in Japan for many things, such as Emperor's Mausoleums, and Japanese cooking knives. Its history with the development of Business with other countries during the Edo and Meiji Period makes this city very special and unique. Our walking tour is very different from the Bike Tour as we focus on Japanese ancient Art such as cooking knives, Handmade Crafts, and local products only from Sakai City.

The tour starts at "Nankai Sakai Station" East Exit, Easy access from Namba by Nankai Train. There, you meet your guide and get to the first stop. Let's relax at the beginning with an old fashion sweet shop and one sweet of your choice included. Then, visit the Sakai City Craft Museum and discover what this city is famous for. Finally, get the privilege to step into a real knife factory, with over 100 years of history, where the raw blades arrive directly from the Blacksmith. Visit the Sharpening Station and the main office. Observe the blades being turned into proper handmade cooking knives. Learn and practice the traditional Sharpening technics with a professional and get the chance to order your own customizable knife that you can watch being made in front of you. Isn't it amazing?.... We sure think it is!

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Tour Highlights :

  • Traditional Japanese Sweet Shop

  • Sakai City Craft Museum

  • Sharpening Station

  • Knife Factory

  • Blade Sharpening Demonstration & Lesson

  • Custommade Knife Order (Optional)

What you need to know before booking

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  • Bilingual Guide

  • One traditional sweet at the shop

  • Visit the Craft Museum

  • Full visit of the Knife Factory

  • Knife Sharpening Lesson with a Pro


14 〜 17 Years Old

Private Tour
up to 6 guests

Extra Guest

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¥    6 000

¥  55 000

¥  8 000

Due to the very special nature of this tour, we must adapt our schedule to the Knife Factory Direction. As a result, this tour is only available on Tuesday and Thursday morning for the moment. Depending on how many knives our guests order and how busy the factory staff is, you might have to come back later in the day to watch your knives being made and receive them. Possibility to get delivery too. Thank you for your understanding.

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Meeting Location

The meeting point is located at the Nankai Sakai Station, East Exit, in front of the Gates. Please make sure to arrive at least 10 minutes before departure time, so your guide has time to check the guest list and give you the basic info needed before the tour starts. Thank you.

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Welcome to Sakai, everyone!