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An innovative and exciting way to explore Japanese cities and learn the culture, history, and traditions

Traveling has always been an amazing experience as you discover different cultures, taste new food, and make friends from all over the world.

Going on a trip is always a great feeling, but it can be quite complicated when it is about deciding what to see, where to go, and what to do. To avoid most mistakes, many travelers decide to go through travel agencies and guided tour providers, to maximize time and planning. The downside is that you always have to stick to a very specific (and sometimes quite annoying) schedule during the activity, especially when you sign up for a tour with other travelers. You must follow the guide and keep up with the group.


With the Eigo Tours, you get the chance to put traveling and outdoor games together. More than a simple guided tour, you meet the group at a specific departure point and get documents provided to be able to do the tour on your own. That's right. You go at your own pace and do not have to follow the crowd. You will go to specific places, people to meet and interview, questions to answer, and very informative and useful information to help you discover more about the city. Furthermore, you have tasks and challenges to complete before finishing the activity, that give you special and unique memories of your trip. Even better, you are free to stop anywhere in between and take your time. These activities are Semi-Assisted "Scavenger Hunt" Challenges. Thus, your "guide" will meet the group before departure, providing everything you need to get started, and will be waiting for you at the end (At a specific location) to celebrate the achievement of the tour. If you really have a problem, obviously, our staff can also speak Japanese if needed, and will be ready to help you anytime within minutes.


When you sign up for a tour, you get an email from our staff with all information about date, time and meeting point



Once you get to the meeting point, look for the Eigo Tour Adventure staff and introduce yourself. By doing so, you will check-in, and receive a document for the tour. This document contains the first part, with short texts, questions, and exercises. It should be completed to receive the second part of the document and get to the next step. Please, be aware that you need a smartphone/tablet with a camera and an internet connection, as there are video and/or audio documents you will have to consult online during the tour, but also files, like pictures, to upload.


The second part focuses the activity on interaction with people. It is divided into three specific categories: "Free Interview", "Meet a Local", and "Challenge". In "Free Interview" Everyone must walk around, find someone they don't know (preferably a local) and ask preset questions. To complete the section, you must collect all answers, take a selfie with your new friend as proof, and send it to the staff (or ask them to sign if they do not want to take a selfie with you). "Meet a local" consists of going to a shop that contributes to the city's authenticity and local life. You meet the owner and/or staff and ask questions to learn about them and/or complete the document. "Challenge" is about personal and cultural activities, involving, crafts, costumes, and taking pictures.



Write & Check


Good Job !

Example: Free Interview Process


Once all participants have reached the final stop, We all check the answers and count points. We do not check our own copy and must pass it to another guest.




When all answers have been covered, we check who got the highest score. That  person (or team) gets a special gift as a reward, with congratulations from Eigo Tour Adventure


Depending on the city, the present might NOT be sharable between members, if the team is made of other single guests who joined the group. We apologize for the inconvenience.


As an achievement gift for all guests, we share a drink/dessert at the final place and take a group picture that will be available to download within 48 hours after the end of the tour.



For each tour and city, we select specific topics, and goals to make every single tour very special and unique. For example, you will not experience and discover in Nara what you did in Kyoto.


Our Eigo Tours may be about discovering Japanese culture and traditions, with the possibility to contact a staff member anytime, but it is still a field trip. Thus, children must be accompanied by an adult for legal responsibility. We accept up to five minors per adult attending the event for junior high school and high school students. College students can join by themselves, with a minimum of 3 people per group. An ID is required and must be shown to our staff before departure. We also organize private field trip sessions for big groups, on-demand. Please contact us for inquiries and quotations.

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