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English / 日本語



An activity to enjoy with a team

An innovative, challenging way to study and practice English outdoor and learn about Japan, its culture, and history.

Either as a hobby, a tool when you travel, for daily life, or in business, English is the most common language used to communicate worldwide

Japanese generally study English at school from Kindergarten to University and cumulate knowledge, but miss practice. Most people choose to sign up for an English conversation school with a teacher to help them practice. The problem is that students usually keep sitting on a chair the whole time and do not move much until the end of the lesson. Thus, they get tired, sometimes quite sleepy.

With Eigo Tour Adventure, you get the chance to put studies and physical activity together. More than a lesson, we set a "No Japanese language" rule during the tour, that pushes you into using English like if you were traveling overseas and challenge yourself, as a team. If you really have a problem, obviously, our staff can also speak Japanese if needed.


When you sign up for a tour, you get an email from our staff with all information about date, time and meeting point



Once you get to the meeting point, look for the Japan Tour Adventure staff and introduce yourself. By doing so, you will check-in, and receive a document for the tour. This first part contains short texts, questions, and exercises. It should be completed to receive the second part of the document and get to the next step. Please, be aware that you need a smartphone/tablet with a camera and an internet connection, as there are video and/or audio documents you have to consult online during the tour, but also files, like pictures, to upload.


The second part focuses the activity on English production, and interaction with people. It is divided into three specific categories: "Free Interview", "Meet a Local", and "Challenge". In "Free Interview" Everyone must walk around, find someone they don't know (preferably an English speaker) and ask preset questions. To complete the section, you must collect all answers, take a selfie with the person you interviewed as proof, and send it to the staff (or ask them to sign if they do not want to take a selfie with you). "Meet a local" consists of going to a shop that contributes to the city's authenticity and local life. You meet the owner and/or staff and ask questions to learn about them and/or complete the document. "Challenge" is about personal and cultural activities, involving, crafts, costumes, and taking pictures.








When the teams reach the final stop, they receive the corrected version with answers and can count points.



As an achievement gift for all guests, we share a drink/dessert at the final place and take a team picture that will be available to download within 48 hours after the end of the tour.



Make a reservation now and become one of our guests to explore cities in Japan

and practice English as you have never experienced before.

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For each tour and city, we select specific topics, and goals to make every single tour very special

and unique. For example, you will not experience and discover in Nara what you did in Kyoto.


This activity may be about practicing English, learn about Japan, and discovering its culture, but it is still a field trip. Thus, children must be accompanied by an adult for legal responsibility. We accept up to five minors per adult attending the event for junior high school and high school students. College students can join by themselves, with a minimum of 3 people group. An ID will be required to show to the staff before departure. We also organize private sessions for big groups such as companies and universities. Please contact us for inquiries and quotations.

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