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Approx 4 5 Hours

Bike Tour

Leisurely Cycling

Morning 10:00 a.m Departure


Mausoleum, Museum, Knives and lunch

Sakai City has been a very famous place in Japan for many things, such as Emperor's Mausoleums, and Japanese cooking knives. Its history with the development of Business with other countries during the Edo and Meiji Period makes this city very special and unique.

Ride through the city to the recent World Heritage Site, The Mausoleum of the Emperor Nintoku, then through the ark to the city Museum. After that, as we all deserve to sit and relax, we will take you for a delicious lunch where you can talk and share with your guide and the other guests. We then visit the historical house of the business successful Yamaguchi Family and finish with an authentic Knife Shop, the Mizuno Blacksmith, where we will visit the forge and can also purchase high-quality handmade Japanese cooking knives directly from the blacksmith.

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Tour Highlights :

  • Mausoleum of Emperor Nintoku

  • Daisen Park Japanese Garden

  • Sakai City Museum

  • Lunch Time

  • Historical Yamaguchi Residence

  • Mizuno Blacksmith (if able to welcome the group)

What you need to know before booking

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  • City Bikes

  • Bilingual Guide

  • Helmet (if requested)

  • Lunch

  • Entrance Fees (when needed)

  • A bottle of water



14 〜 17 Years Old

Private Tour

up to 6 guests

Extra rider

¥  10 000

¥    8 000

¥  65 000

¥  10 000

Mizuno Blacksmith is a very local business that does not open to everyone and doesn't always work with a set schedule. Depending on the day, we can go inside the shop but might not be able to visit the forge if the master isn't available. We apologize in advance if it happens, but let's be optimistic.

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Meeting Location

The meeting (and departure) point is located just by Sakai station West Exit, in front of the Nankai Sakai Station Post Office. Once you got off the train, take the West exit and the post office will be visible, next to the bike shop "Cycle Hero". Your guide and everyone else will be waiting in front of the Post Office 15 minutes before departure time.

Thanks for joining us and

Welcome to Sakai, everyone!